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And I'm a material girl.
Fashion is a girl best friend.
my journal
March 2014

Date: 2014-03-19 23:40
Subject: It's time now.
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credits to elitejean . ♥

This LJ is friends only. Why ? Because having strangers reading my life, my wonderings, my stupidities, disturbs me a little. But since i'm a nice girl, if you comment and if i see we have same interets and we're able to talk nicely sure i'll add you or/and add you back =) i don't bite... Not everybody. And you can buy my love with clothes, shoes and accessories =)

70% English. 20% French. 8% Korean. 2% Japanese.

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Current ♥ :
Fiction by Beast ♥
Lonely by 2NE1 ♥
Beast & Se7en & Minji ♥

Incoming :
August  Korea.

Wish List ★ :
- Tons of CD.
- Love.
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